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Sr.Hortonse Nakhleh School Principal




  . Principal’s Letter: A brief summary of the history and mission of the Rosary Sisters’ School 
      Welcome to our school, "The Rosary Sisters". Our school, a Catholic educational institution, was established in the city of Jerusalem in1964 by the Rosary Sisters Congregation. Our School started its mission in education by opening a nursery. Its growth was gradual; each year it added a new class and it wasn’t until 1977 that the first high school Tawjihi class graduated. Since then the number of students increased so a new annex was established in Al Dahia to meet the increasing demand of students who wished to enroll; today, the number of students in both schools is1600.

Our mission as a school is to serve the community by providing quality education to students from all backgrounds. Among the highest priorities of our school is fostering the growth of students on all levels. Moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual aspects are all given attention as essential components of preparing the youth to meet the demands of the present and future.  We value tolerance, and above all respect and acceptance of “ the other”. Christians and Moslems are given equal opportunity to receive quality education that places the learner "at the center of the learning process." 


We strive to provide an educational environment which promotes high level thinking skills along with preparing individuals to become responsible citizens. Implementation of modern methods and strategies in teaching is a top priority. Our success is evident from the results attained in  General exams; most of our graduates now fill in important positions in the community.


Finally, I would like to say that our goals could only be fulfilled through positive communication between the school, home/ parents and the community. Compliance with the school policies in addition to mutual respect and cooperation would definitely facilitate the process of carrying out our mission.


With kind regards and good wishes;


Sr. Hortense Nakhleh



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